Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Jill Marie Landis’ HEART OF STONE – Brilliant Story of an Irish lass Set in Old Texas

Set in the 1870s, this is the story of Laura Foster, an Irish girl who was sold into prostitution as a child. Having escaped New Orleans and a life she didn’t choose, Laura is finally living her dream of running a boarding house decked out in grand style. But even after four years of acting the respectable widow in Glory, Texas, she is always fearful that someone from her past might reveal her true identity.

One man falls in love with her: Reverend Brand McCormick, a man with everything to lose if he marries her. Believing it would only hurt him if he married her, Laura tries to resist Brand’s attentions. But the man loves her and will not be thwarted.

This is very well written and kept me turning pages. I loved the deep character development, the historical details that put the story in the right period and the charming children and side characters that provided a rich tapestry. The faith elements are very well done, too.

I highly recommend this tale, the first in the Irish Angel trilogy.

Irish Angel trilogy:

Heart of Stone
Heart of Lies
Heart of Glass

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