Friday, May 8, 2020

Shannon Drake’s THE QUEEN’S LADY – Get Swept Away to 16th century Scotland!

This Scottish historical by Shannon Drake (aka Heather Graham) is set in 16th century Scotland and England during the rise of Mary Queen of Scots and her clash with her cousin, Elizabeth, reigning as Queen of England.

Lady Gwenyth MacLeod is one of Mary's ladies in waiting. Gwenyth’s Scottish background and knowledge allow her to provide unique insights to her new Queen, who is returning from France after the death of her husband, King Francis.

Very soon into her time with Mary in Scotland, Gwenyth encounters Lord Rowan Graham, laird of Lockraven, who is also serving Queen Mary. The attraction is mutual and strong though there is an initial clash of wills. Still, once he realizes he loves her, his love for her never fails. I think that's what distinguishes this romance for me from so many of Drake's (Graham's) other historicals. The hero never treated the heroine badly and never stopped loving her. How novel, eh?

I loved the hero's consistency and his faithfulness to his woman. Here is a man worth the wait. Their times were tumultuous and they faced many challenges including the inconsistency of the Queen they both served. You can imagine how difficult it would be in such times to find real love. This is a wonderful trip through the history of Scotland and England, too. I so appreciate Heather’s research. It’s a tale of two Queens and a story of a great romance between two people trying to do what is right. Along with the history is Heather’s usual good job of storytelling, great character development and a true love fought for and won. I loved it.

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