Friday, August 19, 2022

Victoria Holt’s THE JUDAS KISS – Death, Love and Mystery in Bavaria!

A wonderful, intriguing Victorian mystery romance that pulls you in. I could not put this one down!


As a young girl, Pippa Ewell lived on an island with her sculptor father and sickly mother and her older and more beautiful sister, Francine, who she loved. When the sisters were still young, their father and mother died and they were sent to London to live with their stern grandfather in the forbidding Greystone Manor.


Their grandfather planned to marry Francine to his heir, a rather dour vicar related to the family. But she rebelled and married a baron from Bavaria in Germany who swept her away from England. Years later, Pippa discovers her sister has been murdered at the same time another mysterious Bavarian, Conrad, shows up and seduces her and asks her to become his mistress. Pippa refuses and he returns to his own country.


Pippa wants to learn the truth of Francine’s death and to find out what happened to her young son. When she inherits a small fortune from her grandmother, Pippa travels to Bavaria to discover what happened. As the young countess destined to marry the heir needs an English tutor, Pippa takes the job, hoping to learn more.


The mystery slowly unravels to reveal much and Holt gives the reader some unexpected twists. Even Pippa is shocked when she discovers just who Conrad is. 


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