Thursday, November 3, 2022

Dorothy Eden’s RAVENSCROFT – Mystery, Suspense and a bit of Romance

 I am a huge fan of Dorothy Eden. One of the things she does really well is the emotion between the characters. Set in Victorian England, this is the story of Bella McBride and her sister Lally, who find themselves without family or funds. In London on their own, a seemingly kind older woman, they have no idea they are about to be sold into slavery or worse. However, they are rescued offers them shelter. Soon they discover the woman and her son are horrible and holding them captive for some nefarious purpose. Bella shouts for help out an open window and the handsome Guy Raven, a wealthy politician, comes to their aid.


Guy is still in love with his dead wife but he decides to marry Bella anyway to save the girls’ reputations. Their delayed wedding night is nothing to write home about and he soon tells Bella he will never love and leaves Bella and her sister in his country home as he returns to London.


Expecting his child, Bella and Lally experience a foreboding as concerns the criminals who had tormented them and were exposed by Guy. They are soon to be released from prison and Bella fears they will take revenge. The way it happened kept me guessing.


Several engaging secondary characters add depth to the story which kept me turning pages. I recommend it for intrigue and suspense. You will have to judge yourself as to whether Guy comes around at the end.

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