Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Heidi Ashworth’s O’ER THE RIVER LIFFEY – Irish Girl Saved From an Arranged Marriage to an English Lord

If you are a fan of the Irish tales and mythology, you will enjoy this story. The hero, a man who was raised to be a gentleman but now tutors a baron’s younger brothers because his family fell on hard times, tells many throughout the book.


Set in 1815, this is the story of Caroline Fulton, an Irish girl whose father, a man of self-made money, wants her to marry a man with a title. But the English baron he has in mind is old and not to Caroline’s liking. She will do her duty if she must, but she much prefers Niall Doherty, the Irish tutor.


Caroline and her friend come to the baron’s house party where most of the guests are English and do not treat Caroline well. She, however, is a saint with nary a fault except perhaps the inability to confront her father with her heart’s desire. The story felt too long and, at times, lingered in one place as Caroline spent much time with Niall on the baron’s estate.


The ending is sweet but, as I said, long in coming. And there are some coincidences that seemed unlikely. Still, the author writes well and the story reflects much research into Irish culture and history.


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