Friday, May 12, 2023

Jayne Castel’s BLOOD FEUD – Intriguing Isle of Skye Love Story set in the 4th Century

Set in the Dark Ages of Scotland on the Isle of Skye, this is the story of warring groups and a peace reluctantly gained by a handfasting. Tea, the daughter of a Pictish chieftain of the Wolf tribe, is forced by her brother to handfast with Galen, chief of the Eagles, a tribe responsible for the death of her parents.

Galen is delighted with his fierce bride, well, except that she hates him. She is beautiful and courageous, a warrior. Tea wants nothing to do with the Eagles but the kindness shown her by Galen wears away her hostility.


This is the first book in The Warrior Brothers of Skye series. Well-researched with great descriptions of the isle and the tribes living there in the 4th century, including what they ate. The story brings treachery, betrayal and much angst to the fore.


Those who love history in their historical romance and great historical details, as I do, will enjoy this tale from long ago Scotland. Castel does a great job of drawing the reader into the story and the lives of the characters.


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