Saturday, December 16, 2023

Kathleen Givens’ The Wild Rose of Kilgannon – A Wonderful, Exciting Story of Clan Kilgannon, a keeper!


I love how Givens writes. I have two tests for a 5 star romance: (1) can I put it down? and (2) will I read it again? This book passes both tests. Could not put it down and I will read it again.


For those considering buying it, make sure you also buy Kilgannon. The two books are the two parts to the same story--and you will want both. I just get lost in her tales and her characters, in this novel, Mary Lowell, an English aristocrat, and the Scottish chief Alex MacGannon, who claims her as his bride. I loved Mary...what a heroine! She is independent and smart and does what she thinks is right no matter the cost. When news comes of the capture of her beloved Alex, Mary vows to rescue him. As a defiant Alex is tried in London as a traitor, though all he did was to give his life to save his men, Mary unleashes her own campaign on London society to win justice for her man. I loved her man, Alex, Lord Kilgannon. He is all Scot, all man, very romantic, loves his woman fiercely. He fights with the best of them, leads men well and keeps his humor no matter the peril.


I suggest you read these two books before: On Highland Shore and Rivals for the Crown. They involve the same family/clan but are set generations earlier (13th century). It helped having the earlier story to understand where Clan Kilgannon came from, though it is not essential to enjoying this one based in the 1700s. And then read Kilgannon, book 1 in the Kilgannon duology. Here’s the description:


Alex MacGannon, Earl of Kilgannon, strode into the ballroom and commanded her heart. They called him a barbarian, a rough-hewn Scot—chidftain of clan MacGannon. They said no woman could hold him, as he set sail on the high seas. But Alex returned to claim Mary Lowell as his own, to carry her off to Scotland, to his magnificent ancestral castle, Kilgannon.


I have all of Kathleen Givens’ books. She is simply the best...a standard for all others.


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