Thursday, January 18, 2024

Sandra Hill’s THE NORSE KING’S DAUGHTER – Fanciful yet based on good research…a Viking Adventure!

This is the story of King Thoval’s (a Norse king) last unmarried daughter, Drifa, and Sidroc Guntersson, a Viking warrior, who needs a wife and a mother for his infant daughter left him when his wife died. Unfortunately, Sidroc never told Drifa of his need for a mother for his babe as he courted her. When she found out, she was less than pleased and bashed him on the head. When he awakes, he learns his daughter has disappeared and fears she is dead. Now, years later, Sidroc and Drifa are reunited in Miklagard where Drifa has come to study flowers. Sidroc is one of an elite guard who is assigned to Drifa. He means to have his revenge.


Hill weaves her solid research into her fanciful story, presenting the Vikings’ way of life and the great city of Miklagard (the Viking name for Constantinople) in a realistic manner. Yet it is still a fanciful, often humorous tale. The sex is pretty graphic.


Hill will draw you into the characters’ lives. Though I soon realized this was part of a series, it can still be enjoyed as a stand-alone. In fact, Hill has eleven books in her Viking series, all worthy reads and some as much fantasy as historical.



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