Monday, October 31, 2011

Favorite Author: Kathleen Givens - Sweeping Scottish Sagas You Will Not Forget!

RITA Award winner, Kathleen Givens, a contemporary and friend of Marsha Canham (another favorite author), was a writer of Scottish/Highlands historicals. Thoroughly researched and meticulously set forth in absorbing stories, she was a classic writer of romance. If you love Scottish history or Highlander romance, you have probably discovered her already. She died suddenly after authoring only six novels but we have those as her legacy to enjoy. You must love the “historical” part of historical romance to be as enthralled by these as I was, but if you are, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them. The love stories will tear at your heart.

Read them in this order:

The first two are set in 13th century Scotland:

·      On a Highland Shore (2007)
·      Rivals for the Crown (2008)

These next two follow the same family generations later and are set in 18th century England and Scotland:

·      Kilgannon (1999)
·      Wild Rose of Kilgannon (1999)

The next two are not related to her first four books. Set in the late 17th century in Scotland and England in the time of William and Mary, they tell the stories of the MacCurrie twins, Jamie and Neil, who live at Torridon on the Northwestern shore of Scotland. 'The Legend' introduces the Highland prophecy that bound the MacCurrie men to battle, and the fiery women they loved.

·      The Legend (2002)
·      The Destiny (2003)

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