Monday, October 31, 2011

New Review: Kathleen Givens’ ON A HIGHLAND SHORE – Enthralling Scottish Love Story

This is the story of Margaret MacDonald and Gannon MacMagnus who find love from misfortune and fate that has changed the paths their lives were to take. It is set in 13th century Scotland.

In both this book and its sequel, Rivals for the Crown, Kathleen Givens does a superb job of weaving English and Scottish history into an epic romance and a tale of Scottish Highlander families swept up in the great themes of Scotland's history. I grew to love these men and women and felt like they could have easily been real people--people who experienced loves as deep as theirs, challenges as demanding, losses as heartrending. Her writing is so believable. I often found myself reading these tales late into the night. These are not formula romance books like so many today, but sweeping historical novels well worth the read. You won't be disappointed. There are fewer love scenes than in some romances but the ones that are there are tender and well worth the wait. The sexual tension she creates fits the story well and is consistent with the characters. When I finished the two books I mourned the ending of the stories and craved more from her.

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