Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Week Review: Heather Graham Pozzessere’s A MAGICAL CHRISTMAS - Well told fantasy (with some depressing elements)

I am a fan of Heather Graham (aka Shannon Drake, etc.) and have loved her many historical and other romances, so I grabbed this one up along with a few other Christmas romances by her.

This one is a tale of two families, separated by generation, one living in modern times and one from the time of the Civil War. It’s very well-written with some heartwarming moments and a happy ending for at least one family, but it begins with a disaster that sees the end of an entire Civil War family. Then we enter the lives of the contemporary family torn apart by betrayal and mistrust and continual arguments. I can only assume Graham wanted to show us the typical family that isn’t always in harmony at this time of year. The Civil War (now ghost) family helps the modern so that there is a happy ending (though it's rather bittersweet since the ghost family only gets together on Christmas Eve). 

If you have a family that needs to learn to appreciate each other, this could be the ticket. Unlike her other romances, the Christmas ones are all "G rated."

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  1. I like Heather Graham Pozzessere because she writes so many novels. Since I read most of the BSC, Heather brings mysterious things to lfe as it has happened.
    I have read one of her novels, called " Nightwalker" and going to read most of her novels sometimes