Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Week Review: Christina Skye’s CHRISTMAS KNIGHT - Time Travel Christmas Romance with a Handsome Medieval Knight

This is the story of a 13th century Scottish knight, Ronan MacLeod, who is back from the Crusades and looking forward to being at home in the Highlands at Glenbrae. But before much can happen, he time travels to 1998 at the behest of three witches who think he's a proper match for the new owner of Glenbrae. She's an Ameican named Hope O'Hara.

Hope has seen tragedy in her life and is now without family and barely making it on her inheritance that she has used to turn Glenbrae House into a Highland historic inn. Ronan arrives in a storm to save her life and the chemistry is instant between them. But Ronan is afraid to let his growing love for Hope take him where he wants to go because he may be snatched back in time 700 years without notice. 

The whole tale takes place at Glenbrae around Christmas. It's a charming story with some bad guys and a ghost that make it interesting, though sometimes I did think it lagged a bit, was repetitive and sufficiently vague in places that I had to read the passage more than once to figure out what exactly was going on. Still, it's a good story and if you're looking for an endearing Christmas romance, this might be for you.

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