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Johanna Lindsey’s Historical Romances: A Mixed Bag You Cannot Ignore

Lindsey wrote her first book, Captive Bride, in 1977 "on a whim." It became an immediate success and 40 plus novels followed. By 2006, over 58 Million copies of her books had been sold worldwide, with translations appearing in 12 languages.

Lindsey's romances cover all eras of history, including Vikings, Medieval, Regency, the American West and others. Among her most popular are the stories about the Malory Family, a Regency saga. While entertaining to be sure, I don’t count them among her best work.

What is disappointing about Lindsey is that she is not consistent. She can write 5 star novels like SAVAGE THUNDER and HEARTS AFLAME, and then follow them by weak stories I would rate no higher than 3 stars. Still, she is a world-renowned author who can tell a good tale when she wants to so you cannot dismiss her work.

Her stories are known for her feisty heroines and domineering heroes. The heroes are often cads and rogues, who are self-reliant, powerful, and of course, sensual.
I have read and reviewed on Amazon all those with an “*”. Let me know if you have a favorite of hers.

Viking Haardrad Family Saga Series

1.    Fires of Winter (1980)*
2.     Hearts Aflame (1987)* (the best in the trilogy and a keeper)
3.     Surrender My Love (1994)*

Southern Series
  1. Glorious Angel (1982)
  2. Heart of Thunder (1983)

Wyoming Westerns Series (I loved this series)
  1. Brave the Wild Wind (1984)*
  2. Savage Thunder (1989)*
  3. Angel (1992)*

Malory-Anderson Family Saga Series

1.   Love Only Once (Reggie and Nick)*
2.   Tender Rebel (Roslyn and Anthony)*
3.   Gentle Rogue (James and Georgina)*
4.   The Magic Of You (Amy and Warren)*
5.   Say You Love Me (Kelsey and Derek)*
6.   The Present: The Malory Holiday Novel*
7.   A Loving Scoundrel (Danny and Jeremy, James’ son)*
8.   Captive Of My Desires (Gabrielle and Drew)
9.   No Choice But Seduction (Boyd and Katey)
10. That Perfect Someone (Richard and Julia)

Straton Family Saga (Western) Series
  1. A Heart So Wild (1986)* (a good one)
  2. All I Need Is You (1997)*

Medieval (Shefford's Knights) Series
  1. Defy Not the Heart (1989)*
  2. Joining (1999)

Cardinia's Royal Family
  1. Once a Princess (1991)
  2. You Belong to Me (1994)

Sherring Cross Series
  1. Man of My Dreams (1992)*
  2. Love Me Forever (1995)
  3. The Pursuit (2002)

Reid Family Series
  1. The Heir (2000)
  2. The Devil Who Tamed Her (2007)
  3. A Rogue of My Own (2009)

Single novels
  • Captive Bride (1977)
  • A Pirate's Love (1978)
  • Paradise Wild (1981)
  • So Speaks the Heart (1983)
  • A Gentle Feuding (1984)*
  • Tender Is the Storm (1985)
  • When Love Awaits (1986)
  • Secret Fire (1987)
  • Silver Angel (1988)
  • Prisoner of My Desire (1991)
  • Until Forever (1995)
  • Home for the Holidays (2000)
  • A Man to Call My Own (2003)
  • Marriage Most Scandalous (2006)
  • When Passion Rules (2011)

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