Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Review: Johanna Lindsey’s THE PRESENT: Wonderful Christmas Romance and Great Addition to the Malory Series!

My expectations weren’t high for this romance as I’ve been disappointed by several written for the Christmas season. But this was a good one, especially for fans of the Malory series.

Set in 1825, years after Derek and Kelsey met in SAY YOU LOVE ME, the Malorys are gathering at Haverston for Christmas with their brood of children (and there are several new additions). Patriarch Jason Malory is still hoping to marry Molly, his housekeeper, but as yet hasn’t convinced her to accept the scandal it would mean. Before the holiday celebrations can commence, a mysterious present appears in the parlor, a gold-wrapped, oddly shaped box no one seems to know about. As the Malory clan speculates about it, Amy (married to Warren, THE MAGIC OF YOU) says she has a feeling it’s about their Gypsy ancestor, Anna Malory, who gave some of them their black hair and blue eyes.

When the present is opened, it’s a journal that tells a love story of the second Marquis, Christopher Malory and the Gypsy, Anastasia Stephanoff. And it is a good story, one to warm your heart at any season of the year.

If you’ve been reading the Malory series up until this 6th book, you’ll recognize the players and enjoy the reunion as well as the love story. If not, you’ll likely be a little lost at the beginning as the names fly fast and furious.

Here’s the list of the books in the Malory-Anderson Family Saga Series:

1.   Love Only Once (Reggie and Nick)
2.   Tender Rebel (Roslyn and Anthony)
3.   Gentle Rogue (James and Georgina)
4.   The Magic Of You (Amy Malory and Warren Anderson)
5.   Say You Love Me (Kelsey and Derek)
6.   The Present: The Malory Holiday Novel
7.   A Loving Scoundrel (Danny and Jeremy, James’ son)
8.   Captive Of My Desires (Gabrielle and Drew)
9.   No Choice But Seduction (Boyd and Katey)
10. That Perfect Someone (Richard and Julia)

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