Monday, February 20, 2012

It’s Virginia Henley Week on my Blog! Beginning with Favorite Author – Master Writer of Historical Romance!

Virginia Henley is one of my all time favorite romance authors. Meticulous in her attention to historical detail and a master of lusty, deep love stories, she is one you don’t want to miss. Originally from England, she is a New York Times bestselling author of more than three dozen historical romance novels. Her first book, THE IRISH GYPSY, was published in 1982 and she is still writing today. (Thank God!) She is the recipient of more than a dozen awards, including a Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award, a Waldenbooks' Bestselling Award, Affaire de Coeur, Rendezvous Award and a Maggie Award for Excellence from the Georgia Romance Writers.

In one interview, Henley said, “Writing a book is extremely hard work that takes me a whole year. Doing the historical research brings me pleasure. Writing the book usually brings me close to a nervous breakdown.” As a lover of historical romance who has written a novel and is working on others, I so agree. I love the history, and the research is like a treasure hunt, but getting the romance to tell the story is grueling work. Henley does it with great style. I cannot get enough of her books!

If you are looking for a complex plot reflecting detailed historical research and wonderful, lusty male heroes, strong heroines with a mind of their own and sexy, passionate love scenes, you’ve come to the right place. Henley’s well-told tales will grab you from the first page and will not let you go.
This week on my blog I’ll be featuring my reviews of some of her romances so you can see why I count myself as one of her fans. So far, I have read the ones with an “*” below and recommend them.

On Thursday, Virginia will be joining us as a guest on my blog. Come back then to see what she has to say about writing historical romance and ask her your questions. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Single Novels

• The Irish Gypsy (1982) – re-released as Enticed
• Bold Conquest (1983)
• Wild Hearts (1985)
• The Raven and the Rose (1987)*
• The Hawk and the Dove (1988)* 1988 Winner of the Romantic Times Award for
Best Elizabethan Historical Romance
• The Pirate and the Pagan (1990)* 1990 Winner of the Romantic Times Award
for Best English Historical Romance
• Seduced (1994)*
• Enticed (1994)
• Desired (1995) – Romantic Times’ Sensual Historical Romance Nominee
• Enslaved (1995)* (a time travel)
• Dream Lover (1997)* – Romantic Times’ Best Historical Romantic Adventure
• A Woman of Passion (1998)* (Based on the life of Bess of Hardwick)
• Ravished (2002) – Romantic Times’ Historical Romance of the Year Nominee
• Undone (2003)
• Insatiable (2004) – Romantic Times’ Best British Isle-Set Historical Romance
• Unmasked (2005)
• Wild Hearts (2011)
• Love and Joy (2011)
• Letter of Love (2011)
• Master of Paradise (2011, a Southern Family saga and new eBook)Medieval
Plantagenet Trilogy
1. The Falcon and the Flower (1989)* 1989 Winner of the Romantic Times Award
for Most Sensual
2. The Dragon and the Jewel (1991)*
3. The Marriage Prize (2000)*

If you like to read in date order, as I do, here are her Plantagenet (and beyond)
books in chronological order:

1. The Falcon and the Flower (1989) – late 12th century/early 13th
2. The Dragon and the Jewel (1991) – 13th century
3. The Marriage Prize (2000) – 13th century
4. The Raven and the Rose (1987) – 15th century
5. The Hawk and the Dove (1988) – 16th century
6. The Pirate and the Pagan (1990) – 17th century

And for Scotland’s side of the story…

Clan Kennedy Saga – 16th century

1. Tempted (1992)*
2. The Border Hostage (2001)*

De Warenne Family Saga

1. A Year and A Day (1998) – Romantic Times’ Best Historical Romance Nominee
2. Infamous (2006) – Romantic Times’ Medieval Historical Romance Nominee
3. Notorious (2007)

Peers of the Realm Series

1. The Decadent Duke (2008) – Romantic Times’ British Isle-Set Romance Nominee
2. The Irish Duke (2010)* – Romantic Times’ Historical Fiction Nominee
3. The Dark Earl (2011) – Romantic Times’ British Isle-Set Romance Nominee
4. Lord Rakehell (in progress…this is the working title)

* = ones I’ve read so far and recommend


  1. Virginia has always been one of my favorite historical romance authors. Her books always balance rich historical detail with a hot, lusty romance! A YEAR AND A DAY is my favorite so far. I have her latest, MASTER OF PARADISE, on my to-be-read shelf, and I'm looking forward to reading one set in the New World--very soon!

    1. I am so inept at Technology--I had no idea you lfet a comment. Thanks so much for your loyal support. I can always count on you.

  2. Virginia, I applaud your historical research and hardwork!!

  3. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog!