Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Review: Rebecca Brandewyne’s NO GENTLE LOVE - Captivating Around the World Romance!

If you're looking for a romance that feels like a trip around the world, this may be the one for you. It takes place in the years of the Regency, but is set in Ireland, England, France, Africa, India and China--and covers over 4 years.

It is divided into five "books." The first book is "The Emerald Isle" and basically sets up the story. It begins in 1812 as Morgana McShane, a red-haired beauty, is mourning the death of her father and trying to find work. While her father was the son of an Irish duke, he left home to marry her English mother, who is now dead, and never returned. Morgana despairs when she cannot find a job as she has little funds. Then she receives a letter from her grandfather, Lord Fergus McShane, the Duke of Shanetara, providing her money and telling her to come to Ireland. Unbeknownst to Morgana, her cousin, Rian McShane, Earl of Keldara, who has been watching her, sent the letter. Rian is a ruggedly handsome rake of the first order (he has many women but no intention to marry), and lucky at both gambling and business (he owns a ship). He is also the favored grandson of the duke so when the duke discovers what Rian has done, he goes along with it. In fact, the old duke likes Morgana and plots to trick Rian into marrying her. Though neither Morgana nor Rian want to marry, and clash each time they are together, they are wildly attracted to each other. When they are tricked into marriage, their relationship becomes a passionate battleground.

The second book is "A Tall White Sail" and begins as Rian sails from Ireland with Morgana not to return for 4 years. They travel to London where they become a part of the Haut Ton season of parties and events. Many of their friends are jealous of the two coveting the handsome man and his bride. And, of course, Rian has enemies.

Books 3-5 are "No Gentle Love," "The Bitter Memories," and "The Shadows," and take place in France, Africa, India and China. Through a series of terrible events, Morgana and Rian become separated (more than once), and each ends up in the bed of another. So, be prepared, this is not your average historical romance.

Brandewyne has done a superb job giving us the historical setting and details of the era, not to mention the political and social environments of Ireland, London, France, Africa, India and China. She gets full marks for her research. Her dialog is witty and the story absorbing. At times I loved Rian and Morgana and at other times I hated them both. Yes, all right, he WAS a brute, denying his feelings for Morgana from the beginning and making her suffer. Still, he forgave her much. She could be a wet noodle and then a brat, and engaged in some highly questionable behavior. While this romance won't appeal to everyone, I found the story of these two passionate, difficult people fascinating and loved the adventures all over the world. And, since it's romance, I could hang onto the knowledge that there would be a happy ending.

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  1. Rebecca St.AndreJuly 25, 2016 at 2:53 PM

    I couldn't agree more that after reading 'No Gentle Love' almost twenty years ago and reading hundreds of other books since, that the story of Ryan and Morgana has always stuck in my mind as being my all-time favorite. I loved it so much then that I had read it twice and now all these years later here I am looking this title up in mind to read it again. Obviously unforgettable and emotionally entertaining it is a stand above the ordinary. A unique story so very well told.