Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Review: Marsha Canham’s Scottish Trilogy - A Sweeping Scottish Saga and a drool-worthy Highlander Hero!

From 5-star master of historical romance, Marsha Canham, comes a sweeping saga of old Scotland, one that will tear at your heart. You won't regret buying any in Canham’s Scottish trilogy set in 18th century England and Scotland (PRIDE OF LIONS, BLOOD OF ROSES and MIDNIGHT HONOR)!

The first one tells the story of pampered English beauty Catherine Ashbrooke and Alexander Cameron, the Scottish Highlander who wins her in a duel. He carries his reluctant bride off to the Highlands where clan feuds and fomenting rebellion will sweep them into historic events and where their courage, as well as their love, will be tested.

Canham's superb storytelling evidences great and careful research. Her writing reminds me of Kathleen Givens in the sweeping panorama portrayed. It's not just a well-told love story set in the Highlands, but an epic saga you won't want to put down. Canham crafts believable characters, many of whom are the real historical figures. You will feel like you're living it.

The second, BLOOD OF ROSES, continues Catherine and Alex's love story as the Jacobites rise in 1745 and the rebellion ends in the bloody battle at Culloden, possibly the best treatment in a romance of that historic event I have ever read. I warn you that you will not think much of the way England treated a defeated Scotland, but the time will become real as the people you care about live through it.

The last in the trilogy, MIDNIGHT HONOR, is more loosely related than the other two, and tells of a lass who is a Highland patriot and her husband who sides with the English. Angus Moy, chief of Clan Chattan, was everything Lady Anne could desire in a husband and a lover, but that was before the winds of war tore through her homeland. Though Angus was pledged to fight for the English, Anne defied him by raising the clans to follow the Jacobite cause, even leading her own clan in battle, with the dangerously attractive Captain John MacGillivray at her side.

Angus had a secret that cloaked his midnight honor, a secret he was bound to keep from Anne at all costs. This last one tore my heart out with two heroes equally worthy vying for the love of a Scottish heroine you’ll love.

This is a must read for any serious Scottish historical romance reader!

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