Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Review: Meagan McKinney’s MY WICKED ENCHANTRESS – Scottish Heroine, Alpha Male Hero and Another Superb Love Story from McKinney!

Another great page-turner from McKinney, this was her second book, first published in 1988. It was a finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Gold Medallion award (now called the RITA).

Set in 18th century Scotland, New Orleans and Georgia, it tells the story of Kayleigh Kerr, who was raised in Mhor Castle near Inverness until the day tragedy struck and her life of affluent nobility was ripped from her. Escaping to America and the slums of New Orleans, she dresses in rags and, to survive, becomes a cutpurse named "Kestral". Her only dream is of returning to Scotland and having revenge on her evil cousin who took her life from her. But when she tries to steal from the darkly handsome St. Bride Ferringer, who has just arrived on a ship from France, she finds a man to be reckoned with. St. Bride is really the Duke of Lansdowne in disguise, secretly plotting his own revenge, not coincidentally against the same cousin who has followed Kayleigh to America.

I love a heroine who is beaten down by life but never gives in and holds her head high as she sticks to her principles and her virtue, even if the whole world assumes she’s a whore. And who doesn’t love a hero who recognizes a diamond in the rough…or rather, a diamond sullied by misfortune? The wild and beautiful Kayleigh becomes St. Bride’s obsession and his constant distraction.

This is suspenseful storytelling at its best; and I recommend it.

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