Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Review: Paula Quinn’s CONQUERED BY A HIGHLANDER – Superb Storytelling in her latest in the Children of the Mist series

Sixth in Quinn's Highlander romance series that tells the stories of the MacGregors of Skye, this one is truly a worthy installment. Her writing just gets better and better. This story begins in 1688, 3 years after TAMED BY A HIGHLANDER and tells of Colin MacGregor, who was featured in that book as an able young soldier just joining King James II's army. Now Colin is a seasoned warrior, an assassin for the king and a spy sent to Dartmouth Castle to uncover a plot of English nobles to support William of Orange and welcome his invading army.

Quinn has created a wonderful heroine in Lady Gillian Dearly, a single unwed mother and daughter of the Earl of Essex, who because of her son’s birth has been banished to this remote castle governed by her lecherous cousin, Lord Devon. She lives for her 3-year-old son, Edmund, who Colin befriends and teaches games, all the while he is ingratiating himself into the group of Devon’s men disguised as Colin Campbell. Quinn expertly captures the heart of the young single mother.

As always, Quinn's story is true to history and weaves the characters' lives into the events that affected the times. Quinn actually gives you real history, not just a general background setting. That kind of research takes time, but it pays off in a tale that will hold you captive. The plot is intriguing and will keep you turning pages. Her characters are well developed and believable and the romance slowly develops as Colin and Gillian gain admiration for each other.

I recommend this one and all in Quinn's Highlander romance series. The first one, LAIRD OF THE MIST, is a particular favorite of mine (Callum MacGregor is my favorite of her drool worthy heroes) and is reviewed on my blog today.

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