Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Review: Paula Quinn’s LAIRD OF THE MIST: Superb First in the Series, You'll love the MacGregor men!

This is the first in Paula Quinn's Highlander series and I just loved it. It's a worthy Highland romance and introduces us to a fierce and proud clan, the MacGregors, who historically were officially denounced but eventually regained their position among the clans. Those MacGregor men who kept pride in their heritage and kept their name alive would be stronger than most and worthy of a woman's love.

The story begins as Kate Campbell, a very fiesty heroine who is good with a sword, rushes into fight alongside her clan when attacked by their enemies, the MacGregors. She is saved by Callum MacGregor, the man they call the Devil, when he sweeps her onto his stallion.

I loved the authenticity of this tale and the character development and the way Quinn built the attraction and love between Callum and Kate, who would otherwise be enemies. Quinn brings the Highlands to life and paints a beautiful picture of the land of the mists. I did not want to put it down. I highly recommend it.

Here's the series:

The MacGregors:

Laird of the Mist (Callum MacGregor and Kate Campbell)
A Highlander Never Surrenders (Graham Grant and Claire Stuart)

The Children of the Mist (connected to and follows the MacGregors):

Ravished by a Highlander (Robert MacGregor and Davina Montgomery)
Seduced by a Highlander (Tristan MacGregor and Isobel Fergusson)
Tamed by a Highlander (Mairi MacGregor, Connor Grant) - reviewed in today's blog
Conquered by a Highlander (Colin MacGregor and Gillian Dearly)

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