Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Review: Heather Graham’s GOLDEN SURRENDER – Thrilling 1st in a Great Viking Trilogy!

This is the first in Graham's Viking trilogy (GOLDEN SURRENDER, THE VIKING'S WOMAN and LORD OF THE WOLVES). Set in 9th century Ireland (Eire), England and the north coast of France, these are the stories of Prince Olaf of Norway, the first Lord of the Wolves, his bride, Princess Erin, daughter of the Irish High King, the Ard-Righ of Tara, and their descendants.

I'll warn you, the men are strong willed, arrogant and domineering--Vikings, even if the last two are half Irish. Who wants a gentleman Viking? Their loves are independent, stubborn and courageous women who can fight with the best of the men and have no intention of being dominated by a Viking. But then wolves and the cubs of wolves mate for life, or so says the druid who is advisor to the Irish king's family. Each of the marriages is arranged over the objection of the female who fights the husband who has laid claim to both her lands and to her.

This first story of Olaf and Erin in GOLDEN SURRENDER is a good one and tells us much of what the Norsemen contributed to Ireland's history. They came not only to conquer but to give to the land and to give of themselves. Olaf came in his dragon ship to build a kingdom and to stay. He welcomes the Irish king's truce sealed by his daughter's hand, even if Olaf has no desire for the Irish wench. Erin, who has met the Wolf before and hates him, feels betrayed by the father she loves. Though the marriage begins on very bad terms, love does change things in the end.

Graham's writing is, as always, amazing with in depth historical references to the times, woven into a love story that befits the cultures of the hero and heroine. The sexual tension is high and the love between Olaf and Erin, which comes in the end, believable.

I highly recommend this trilogy. For you Irish romance lovers, it's a story of the early days in a great country. Ones not to be missed!


  1. This was one of the first romance books that I fell in love with. It sits on my keeper shelf along with all of her historicals and has been read many times over.

    1. Hi, Leah. Yes, this one is on my keeper shelf, too, as are many others by Graham. Love those Vikings!