Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Review: CS Harris’s (aka Candice Proctor) WHAT ANGELS FEAR – Suspenseful Regency Mystery with a Worthy Hero and an Intriguing Heroine—and Many Twists and Turns!

Having loved Candice Proctor’s historical romances (all keepers!), I thought to read her Regency mystery series featuring Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin. I was not disappointed. Like her other novels, these are masterfully written with vivid descriptions of Regency London, both the aristocracy and the underbelly of society. The mystery itself is absorbing, even riveting—and very hard to put down. Harris captures the essence of life on the streets of this city in 1811 where a savage killer is on the loose even as Prince George prepares to take the reins of power. You can feel the cold of a harsh winter and the desperate condition of some people’s lives as Sebastian joins the rabble to find a killer.

Sebastian St. Cyr, heir to his father, the Earl of Hendon, is a handsome, street-smart hero. An intelligence officer in the army, he returns home to find himself embroiled in a vicious murder of a beautiful young actress on the altar of an obscure church. One of the Devlin dueling pistols is found beneath the victim’s body, and there is a witness who says she was meeting “St. Cyr.” Sebastian is arrested, and in the process a constable is wounded, possibly unto death, and Sebastian flees to take up a myriad of disguises in his search for the truth and to clear his name. He is aided in his quest by young Tom, a street urchin who adopts Sebastian, a Irish doctor friend, and Kat Boleyn, the Irish actress and former love of Sebastian’s life who turned him away six years ago.

The intrigue will keep you turning pages as Sebastian follows a trail of clues through London’s dark underbelly. Harris’s writing is amazing. The detail in her description reflects deep research (which I so appreciate), but I also love her characters. Sebastian, Kat and Tom are now favorites of mine. Harris makes real Sebastian’s longing for the woman who remains in his heart though Kat refused his offer of marriage, driving him to a military career. But Kat still loves the man she let go out of love.

This is a keeper of a mystery—and a romance. Don’t miss it…and the rest in the St. Cyr series (see list below). Trust me on this--READ THEM IN ORDER.

Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery Series:

What Angels Fear, 2005
When Gods Die, 2006
Why Mermaids Sing, 2007
Where Serpents Sleep, 2008
What Remains of Heaven, 2009
Where Shadows Dance, 2011
When Maidens Mourn, 2012
What Darkness Brings, March 2013


  1. I second the recommendation. These are excellent stories. :)

  2. Love the St. Cyr mysteries. Unfortunately, it looks like I've fallen behind by a few books. I'll have to figure out where I stopped and get the rest! Thanks, Regan!

    1. You're welcome, Judith--come back next week on the 30th for the interview!


  3. Thanks so much, Regan! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  4. I'd really appreciate a buy link for this last one. Love the background research and authenticity and the twists and turns in these books.

  5. I discovered your interview with Ms. Harris (Ms. Proctor) too late to comment, but I do want to echo the feelings noted here that this series is a definite keeper. The character development, the plotting, and the historical details are superb. Let me just say that this cast of characters - from the amazing Sebastian, his friends Paul Gibson and Henry Lovejoy, his 'tiger' Tom, the women who love him, Hero and Kat Boleyn, his intriguing father, to the nasty, shadowy figures of his sister Amanda and his father-in-law Lord Jarvis - is unforgettable. And did I mention the mystery surrounding the disappearance of his mother? The history, too, is captivating. Thank you, Regan, for your work here! I'll be back.

    1. Barbara,
      While the contest is over, it's never too late to comment. I agree with you that Candy has created a wonderful cast of characters (though I was crushed when I leaned Kat and Sebastian end up married to other people!). Candy is a great author of historical romance and now, mysteries, too!