Monday, January 21, 2013

New Review: Candice Proctor’s MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS – Mystery and Love in New Orleans During the Civil War—a great romance!

Another great historical romance from Proctor, this one set in the time of the Civil War in 1862 in New Orleans, occupied by Yankee troops. Rich in intrigue, mystery and deep felt needs of the heart, it will keep you on the edge of your seat right up to the very satisfying epilogue.

It tells the story of Major Zachary Cooper, a Union soldier and the provost marshal of New Orleans, and Emmanuelle de Beauvais, a beautiful widow, mother and healer. On one hot, sultry night in July, she and an old doctor who, together with her husband, founded a hospital, visit the grave of her mother, as they always did on that date. Suddenly, out of the darkness, the old doctor is shot in the heart with a bolt from a small “vampire killing” crossbow--a bolt Emmanuelle knows was intended for her.

From the beginning, as Zach investigates the murder, and those that follow, he is suspicious of Emmanuelle and knows she is hiding something, knows she is lying. Worse, he is attracted to her, his Castilian blood drawn to her, comparing her to the city (“ a dangerous woman, this city—as reckless and seductive as sin”). Emmanuelle tries to keep the hospital open, and though she is as knowledgeable in medicine, she is only one woman and there are many needs, little money and the few doctors are being killed off. The officer in the blue uniform (Zack) is her enemy, but she is drawn to him nevertheless. And all the while, she fears the evil she knows is drawing near.

A worthy romance with intrigue and mystery set against a tumultuous time in American history in a place where various cultures came together, united in their hatred for the Yankees. It’s easy to see that Proctor would, after one more novel (Beyond Sunrise), transition to writing mysteries as the elements are all here—she is good at this! But beyond the mystery is the story of the beginning of a deep and abiding love.

You’ll not regret getting this one!

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