Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Review: Juliana Garnett’s THE SCOTSMAN – Superb Story of a Highland Chieftain who followed Robert the Bruce and the English beauty he loved!

What I immediately liked about this book was the history is so well woven into the story, it swept me into the minds of the Scots who followed Robert Bruce in their fight for freedom from the English rule. Aye, it's a grand tale.

Set in 1313-1314 when the Bruce and his men retook Stirling Castle and eventually gained military victory over King Edward, it tells the story of Sir Alexander Fraser, laird of his clan and avid Bruce follower, and Lady Catherine, daughter of the cruel English Earl of Warfield.

To free his brother and another of Bruce’s men taken captive by Warfield, Alex abducts Warfield’s beautiful daughter who is betrothed to a man she doesn’t know. Catherine is an intelligent independent woman who resents her father’s cruel indifference to her wishes not to wed. At first she finds Alex Fraser to be a crude barbarian but then she discovers he is as educated as she and a wise leader of his people. As for Alex, he is so taken with the red-haired, violet-eyed beauty, though he knows he risks his brother’s life, he cannot resist her. The chemistry slowly builds between Catherine and Alex in this well told tale. 

Garnett (aka Virginia Brown) includes wonderfully rich descriptions of life in both the English castle and the Scottish keep and adds meaningful dialog and well-developed characters for an enthralling story. Her action scenes are amazing (Chapter 25 had me biting my nails!). Her love scenes are truly well done and from the male perspective, too! What a great author! 

Needless to say, I highly recommend this one and I’ll be buying more of her medievals.

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