Friday, October 18, 2013

New Review: Cordia Byers’ DESIRE AND DECIEVE – Worthy Medieval Sequel

This is the sequel to SILK AND STEEL. Set in England four years later, in 1337, it is the story of Justin St. Claire's brother, Richard--aka Royce the reaver--and Megan O'Roarke, sister of a cruel and derelict knight who died in a joust.

When Richard learns King Edward commands he take the O'Roarke's sister to wife, he wants nothing to do with her. At the urging of his brother, Richard agrees to at least meet the girl, so he travels to Dragon's Lair keep. Megan has no interest in marrying either, even though she must steal to keep her people alive. So when Richard comes calling, she disguises herself as a hag and Richard flees.

But they are to meet again, this time as she is caught robbing an English lord. About to hang, Richard in disguise as Royce, saves the young beauty hoping she is connected to the thieves who are robbing the wool route of the king. Instead, he falls in love with her and she with him, each unaware of their true identity.

While I liked SILK AND STEEL better, this sequel, published some four years later, is still an exciting venture into the medieval world and includes enough history to keep me happy as King Edward has many issues with his need to raise funds to support claim on Normandy, and the wool route that keeps the cash flowing. There were a few times when Megan's actions had me rolling my eyes, but I still kept turning pages.

Cordia Byers does not disappoint and this is a good follow-up to book 1. Justin and his Scots wife, Jamelyn, from book 1 are both secondary characters in this book. I recommend it.

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