Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Review: Shannon Drake’s DAMSEL IN DISTRESS - Robin Hood, Knights Templar and Romance, Oh My!

Set in 12th century England (mostly, though there are scenes in the Holy Land), in the reign of King Richard the Lion Heart and his brother, Prince John, this is a romance that will win your heart.

Lord Damien Montjoy, one of Richard's faithful knights who would help the king retake Jerusalem, and one day return to England to be lord of his own castle, is rewarded by Richard for his valor with the adjoining lands of Lady Katherine ("Kat") de Montrain--and with the hand of the lady herself. Richard also wants Montjoy to secure the north of England from the wiles of his brother John. Ah, but there are legends about the forests there...Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck, Lady Greensleeves and the Silver Sword!

Prince John would give Kat's hand to the evil de la Ville who will pay him richly as John is ever in need of funds. The Silver Sword, a man who once saved her father's life, arrives to save Kat from de la Ville and deliver her to Montjoy, but then the Sword takes her innocence (the way I read it, it's a forced seduction). Kat is a strong and beautiful young fact, the Lady Greensleeves herself! While she weds Montjoy, she is not happy about it as he is a nemesis from her youth. Kat hates all the men in her life: the King, Montjoy and the Silver Sword. Could she ever love such a man? ("Never!") Does she love the Silver Sword after their night of intimacy? ("No!")

But all will come right and the legends will have their day. This is really a dreamy romance with rich characters and great action. Shannon Drake (aka Heather Graham) always delivers a romance you can't put down. I only wish she had written this one as a part of a series as I did not want it to end. I recommend it.

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