Saturday, November 9, 2013

New Review: Heather Graham’s SWEET SAVAGE EDEN – Wonderful First in the North American Woman trilogy—a Love Story That Begins in England and ends in the New World

This is the first in the North American Women trilogy, which is a part of the 6-book Cameron Saga series (see list below). I highly recommend these romances. They were the ones that led me to become a huge fan of Heather Graham. This is the first book in the series and I loved it.

It begins in 17th century England and tells of Jasmine ("Jassy") and Jamie. And it will follow them as they travel to New World (Virginia).

Jassy has had a hard life as the bastard daughter of a dead nobleman and her mother dies for lack of medical attention. Jassy learns of her connections to a noble family after her mother dies, and through a series of events, they take her in but treat her as little better than a servant. There she meets the dark Lord Cameron who wants to marry her because she reminds him of his "wild Virginia" where he is building a new life. Jassy thinks she is in love with his friend the charming and fair Robert, but Robert has other plans. Jassy doesn't want to die in starvation and poverty like her mother, so she consents to wed Jamie. She does not love Jamie; she is not even sure she likes him. But she is honest and tells him she is marrying him so she will not starve.

Jamie Cameron wants the beautiful Jassy...she makes his blood boil. He thinks she will be strong enough to endure the life in the wilderness where there are still Indians and pressures just to survive. But Jamie does not tell Jassy that he intends to take her to the New World; and Jassy longs only for the security of Jamie's beautiful manor in England. Can she love a man she hates? Can she forget the fair Robert? Can Jamie love the tavern wench who wants only his wealth? So begins an adventure that is so well told and so well done, I will read it again and again. And the others in the series are equally good.

Heather Graham's writing is superb. Her portrait of early America is wonderful. The story pulls you in and does not let you go. There are no slow spots as the action and characters become so real. The sexual tension permeates the book and is very believable. You will love Jassy and Jamie and you will find yourself drawn back to those historical times at the beginning of America. This is a keeper!

Here's the Cameron Saga:

The North American Women trilogy:

Sweet Savage Eden
A Pirate's Pleasure
Love Not a Rebel

The Civil War trilogy:

One Wore Blue
And One Wore Gray
And One Rode West

Both trilogies are on my Best Historical Romance Trilogies list.

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