Monday, November 11, 2013

New Review: Mary Wine’s TO CONQUER A HIGHLANDER – Great 1st in the Highlander Trilogy with a Feisty Heroine!

This is the first in Wine's 15th century Highlander trilogy (see list below), and it's a good one. Great action, wonderful hero and heroine and sexy love scenes.

The story opens in 1437. James I has been murdered and the lowland McBoyd clan has brutally attacked the lands of Highland laird Torin McLeren. The McBoyd laird, a crude and heartless man, is seeking power in aligning himself with the Earl of Atholl, a contender for the Scottish throne, and hence the attack on the McLeren clan, loyal to the Stuarts. The McBoyd laird has betrothed his only daughter, who he values not at all, to the Earl of Atholl's nephew in an attempt to gain fighting men and to further cement the treacherous alliance.

Rather than attack the McBoyd clan, Torin seeks to foil their plan to support the Atholl by kidnapping the McBoyd daughter on her way to be wed. Shannon McBoyd is disgusted by the actions of her father and brothers but has been compliant to avoid her father's physical abuse. Inside she is a spitfire and Torin will have his hands full as he attempts to hold her and still be honorable.

I liked the fact Torin is constant throughout the story. And, his friend, Connor Lindsey, laird of the Lindsey clan, is a charming and loyal man who is well set up to be the hero in the next in the series. You will like them both.

One of the many things I like about Wine's romances is that she takes care with the history. It's not just set in Scotland but there is an historical framework of some interest for the novel. She also includes details that provide a clear picture of the living conditions of the time. While Wine's stories are not sweeping sagas, they are well written and engaging. I admire her ability to give us a feeling for the language of the time while still keeping it modern enough to be understandable. As with all of Wine's romance, the love scenes are steamy.

I recommend this one--and suggest you read the trilogy in order.

The Highlander trilogy:

To Conquer a Highlander
Highland Hellcat
Highland Heat


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    1. Ah, you're very welcome, Mary. Great trilogy and it's on my Best list being posted a bit later this month!