Monday, March 17, 2014

If ever you travel to Dublin...

…you will likely be traveling down busy Grafton Street:

And when you do, look for my favorite place to have coffee and people watch: Bewley's Café:

The first time I wandered into Bewley’s, I discovered a world of gourmet coffee and treats downstairs with wonderfully enticing smells. Upstairs and in other rooms, they have sitting areas where you can drink coffee and enjoying the ambiance. In the upstairs, you can view the street and watch people walk by. I was there one afternoon, sipping my coffee, when I happened to look up and see a beautiful redheaded woman dressed all in green sitting across the aisle.

She looked like some Irish princess from long ago dining alone. So, I struck up a conversation. She was most gracious in responding and to my utter amazement I learned she was an American with Irish roots just like me! (In my case the roots also include Scotland and England.) What a truly small world we live in! Our conversation was one of the most enjoyable hours I spent in Dublin and became a lasting memory of a wonderful Irish city and a great coffee house.

To get you in the mood for St. Patrick’s Day, how about taking a virtual tour of Bewley’s? Here’s the link:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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