Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Review: Judith E. French’s THE IRISH ROGUE – Irish Hero to Love in Early 19th Century America

Set in 1820 in America, this is the story of Anne Davis, a daughter of a wealthy plantation owner, who has managed to end up pregnant but with no husband. Then an incident on the docks and a rescue by a daring Irishman leads to a marriage of convenience with Michael O’Ryan. Michael has escaped a hanging in England for his role in the war in Ireland only to find himself impoverished in America so Anne’s bargain to pay him to wed her comes at a good time.

French does a great job of portraying the plight of the Irish in America in the early 1900s and slavery in Maryland. Many Irish had skills but could not find work and could barely feed their children. And slaves, even those who were valued, longed for the self respect freedom would bring. Michael, raised as a nobleman’s son, having experienced prison and poverty, now seeks to help both the slaves and his fellow Irish. Anne doubts Michael’s honesty and his motives but grudgingly comes to trust him and to see he has a good heart. And though Michael plans to leave her according to their bargain, he finds he wants to stay.

It’s a story of struggle and learning to trust and along the way there is much excitement with pirates and treachery and envy. Some great characters and a worth hero make for a great story. A very well written tale!


  1. Regan, I am so pleased that you enjoyed The Irish Rogue. I love your site. The only problem is that my historical romances purchases have soared. You read so many exciting authors. Thanks so much for your support.
    Judith E French

    1. I'm so glad you are tuning in to my blog. I do hope I help you find some good ones!