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New Review: Judith E. French’s HIGHLAND MOON – Superb Scottish-American Love Story!

New Cover
This is a great romance to bridge Scottish and Western Historical Romances months on my blog!

The story begins in London in 1723 as Ross Campbell, “half Scot, half Delaware and half wolverine,” abducts Anne, Marchioness of Scarbrough just as she is about to be wed, thinking she is the one he was sent to retrieve for a man he met in Edinburgh. Unfortunately for Ross (and perhaps for Anne), he gets the wrong woman. And so begins an exciting tale of a reluctant bride and an American frontiersman, both of whom have ties to Scotland.

I loved this story. French had me laughing out loud at the proud Scot who kept calling the “sensible, meek and shy” Anne “Hinney” while madly riding from London to Scotland on his huge black stallion. The tale of his capture of her is one for the books.

Here is one of my favorite quotes by Ross to Anne:

"'s best we get the two of ye safe inside before the dogs take Master Roger for a pheasant and drag him off into the heather to eat."

Ross’ father sent him from America to his ancestral home in Scotland to collect a title and a fortune (which they badly need to clear title on their lands in America). Unfortunately, when he arrived, Ross discovered the castle was in ruins and plagued with debts. So when he discovers Anne has a fortune, he decides to keep her and wed her.

Anne has been badly mistreated by the men in her life and her mother who lived for her own desires. Thus, Anne fears she is unworthy of love. She wears an amulet a gypsy tells her is from “the little dark people who raised the standing stones.” Called the “Eye of Mist,” it was given to her by her natural father, Cameron Stewart, who told her it holds a blessing and a curse: She will be carried from her family to a far-off land (the curse), but will have one wish granted, even to life or death (the blessing). She is definitely carried away and most of the adventure occurs in 18th century America where Ross and Anne join his Shawnee friends.
Original Cover

Rich in detail and vivid pictures of the American frontier, it’s a grand adventure as well as a romance. It is also clearly part of a series and, while you can read it alone, I recommend reading them in order. Moonfeather is a character in this book but has her own story.

The Native American/Scottish (Indian Moon) series:


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