Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Review: Cheryl St. John’s RAIN SHADOW - A Different Western Romance

Set in 1894 in Pennsylvania Dutch country, this is the story of Rain Shadow, a white woman who, as a small child, was rescued by a Lakota Sioux from a wagon train the Crow Indians had attacked. Two Feathers adopts her as his own and raises her among his people. Rain Shadow is in her mid twenties when the story begins and the single parent of an illegitimate son, Slade. She is also a player in Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show traveling the country. Her dream is to out shoot Annie Oakley so she can use her fame to find her family of origin.

When the show’s train is derailed in Pennsylvania, her son’s leg is broken and they are required to stay behind where farmer Anton Newbauer offers them shelter in his family home. Anton is a widower with a son the same age as Rain Shadow’s. Anton is looking for a wife. Unbeknownst to Rain Shadow, the father of her son is looking for her.

It’s an interesting story with much of it taking place on the Newbauer farm. The last scenes of the shooting match are the most exciting. Anton was a worthy hero struggling with his own issues from his first marriage. And the two boys were charming.

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