Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Review: Meagan McKinney’s FAIR IS THE ROSE – Wonderful Wyoming Historical with Great Twists and Turns!

Set in 1875, this second in the Van Alan sisters duology (LIONS AND LACE is the first)
and tells the story of Christal Van Alan, who was raised as a prominent Knickerbocker of Manhattan until the day she was accused of a terrible crime she didn’t commit.

After three years on the run, Christal finally flees to Wyoming, disguised as the widow Mrs. Smith. Almost to her destination, her stagecoach is taken hostage by a band of outlaws, including Macaulay Cain who had already defeated the hangman’s noose.

Both Macaulay and Christal have secrets; both have a past they’d rather forget. Though hard on the outside, she has a soft innocence underneath she will protect at all costs. And Macaulay, whose cold eyes set him apart, is a better man than even she could know.

The story will grab you and just when you think you have the players figured out, all will change. It’s an intriguing tale with great twists and turns and more than one villain. McKinney’s writing is superb as always: great characters, wonderful description of the historic setting, places and people—and great storytelling. I recommend it.

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