Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Review: Judith E. French’s FORTUNE’S FLAME – Book 2 in the Fortune Trilogy a Great Adventure to the Jungles of Panama!

This is the 2nd in French’s “Fortune trilogy.” It begins in Maryland in 1724, 52 years after the first book. Lady Elizabeth Lacy Bennett (“Bess”) granddaughter of Lacy Bennett (heroine in book 1), is mistress of Fortune’s Gift Plantation. Bess experiences a series of setbacks that have her wondering if she can keep her land and feed her people. Then she remembers her grandfather telling her about a Spanish treasure he buried in Panama, and she decides to go in search of it. To aid her, she will take her new indentured servant, a Scot named Kincaid, and the ghost of an Incan warrior named Kutii who has always been with her. Meanwhile a man called “Faulkner,” whose father once loved Bess’ grandmother, seeks his revenge—on Bess.

This is a tale of adventure as Bess and Kincaid travel into the jungles of Panama with a crew of rough men. French vividly portrays all they see from the teaming wildlife and vicious predators to the beauty of the lush vegetation and bird life. Though neither Kincaid nor Bess wish to marry, Kutii tells Bess the Scot is her destiny. And so he is. Brash and brave, with a past that is concerning, he agrees to help Bess for the money and the freedom it will gain him. But he is to win more.

A worthy trilogy of stories, each a generation or two after the other, but each can also be read as a stand alone. I recommend them.

Note: despite the cover, the heroine in the story has red-gold hair and the hero blond hair.

The Fortune Trilogy:

Fortune’s Mistress
Fortune’s Flame
Fortune’s Bride

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