Friday, November 21, 2014

New Review: Judith E. French’s FORTUNE’S BRIDE – Adventure in the Caribbean in the American Revolutionary War, 3rd in the trilogy a good one!

This is the third in the Fortune trilogy, this one set during the American Revolution in 1777. We begin on the Fortune’s Gift Plantation as Caroline Steele, a widow and Kincaid’s granddaughter, is forced to wed Garrett Faulkner to save herself and her home.

Caroline is a rebel but pretends to be a loyalist with the British soldiers camping at the planation. She believes Garrett is a loyalist. Little does she know he is the rebel privateer captain called Osprey, the one she blames for her first husband’s death and her brother’s capture by the British.

Once wed, Caroline persuades Garrett to accompany her to the Caribbean to search for missing treasure, part of the Incan gold her great grandmother buried. He agrees because she promises him money, which he needs for a new ship. But Caroline's bargain with her husband will prove problematic. What she thought would be a marriage of convenience turns into one of love.

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Caroline is a heroine much like her predecessors: strong, courageous and gifted with “the sight.” Garrett is a hero of the Revolutionary War taking great risks. There are some wonderful secondary characters and some worthy villains. And Kutii, the ghost of an Incan warrior, returns to give Caroline advice as he did the other heroines.

There’s lots of adventure here, as there were in the first two books, as ghosts from the past contribute to both good and bad in Caroline’s life. French portrays the Caribbean in vivid detail and has done her research to present an accurate historical setting. I recommend the trilogy.

The Fortune Trilogy:

Fortune’s Mistress
Fortune’s Flame
Fortune’s Bride

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