Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Review: Catherine Coulter’s LORD OF HAWKFELL ISLAND – Well Told Viking Tale from 10th Century Ireland

This is a part of Coulter’s Viking series and follows SEASON OF THE SUN though it is not related to it. Really, it seems this is the first in the “Viking lord” trilogy (see list below). Set in Ireland and an island off the coast of England in 910, this is the story of Mirana, a Viking woman who is abducted one night by her brother’s enemy, Rorik, Lord of Hawkfell. Rorik seeks vengeance for the death of his wife and children at the hand of Mirana’s brother, Einar. Once on Hawkfell Island, Mirana makes friends among the women and comes to see the island as home, but all is not well, and Einar still has plans for her.

Coulter has taken care to get the period right, including details of dress, food and dwellings. She has also created some wonderful characters, including a huge dog named Kerzog. The writing is well done and the plot has many satisfying twists and turns.

While Rorik’s actions toward Mirana were brutal at times (and the low ratings are just a reaction to that in my opinion), you have to remember this is a Viking romance, set in the times when women were chattel and many were taken in raids to be slaves. Then, too, Mirana, who Rorik is coming to care for, is the sister of his enemy who slayed his family. That these two could find love is definitely a story of second chances and love triumphing over many obstacles. Mirana’s brother, Einar is a real deviant who likes inflicting pain and cares for no one.

There is humor, action and a complex love story here. A worthy Viking tale. Coulter does not disappoint.

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