Monday, January 12, 2015

New Review: Jayne Castel’s THE DEEPENING NIGHT – Well Told Saga from 7th Century Britain

Note: Jayne Castel will be a guest on my blog on the 21st and will be offering a giveaway of this book to one lucky commenter so be sure and check in that day!

Castel has tackled an unusual period for historical romance…it’s early England. And it’s not Viking but it fits the period when Vikings were roaming afar. This is the third in her Anglo-Saxon series and it’s a well written tale of an arranged marriage between enemies.

Set in 630 AD Mercia in Britain, this is the story of Saewara, widowed from an abusive husband and wanting to take the veil but her brother, King Penda of Mercia, a cruel man, has betrothed her to Annan, the king of the East Angles, their enemy who Penda defeated in battle. Annan resents Saewara because he was forced to take her as a bride, depriving him of the woman he wanted, who is now married to his brother.

Castel does an excellent job of bringing this period in England to life with some real historic figures, including King Penda. Her characterizations were vivid and the story well told with much detail. And I like that it’s set in an unusual time in Britain’s history. I think you'll find this story compelling and enjoy the diversion to the 7th century!

Anglo-Saxon England series:


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