Sunday, March 29, 2015

New Review: Karen Robards’ DARK TORMENT – Irish Hero Survives an Australian Sheep Station

Set in Australia in the mid 19th century, this is the story of Sarah Markham whose father is a sheep rancher, and Dominic Gallagher, a Irish convict who was transported to Australia for a crime he didn’t commit and was then “purchased” by Sarah’s father to serve out his 15-year sentence. Because he is a man who speaks up when events call for it, he is whipped and abused. Sarah intervenes to save his life.

The handsome Irish rogue knows Sarah is attracted to him, as most women are. But the odd thing to him is that he is attracted to her—a tall, skinny and plain woman. Robards, as usual, serves up delicious tension and some exciting action as life in New South Wales on the sheep station presents many dangers: convict uprisings, fires, rustlers and draught. Meanwhile, Sarah’s father is trying to get her to wed his ranch manager who has a cruel, evil side.

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  I loved the picture of the brooding sexy Irish hero—an alpha male to be sure—thrust into the dusty Australian frontier where life is even harder than what he left behind in Ireland where he longs to return. Both Sarah, who is biased against convicts, and Dominic, who has suffered wrong at the hands of his mother and now Sarah’s father, have trust issues they must overcome. And Dominic has connections to an English earl…

Robards’ portrayal of Australia is vivid (had me reaching for a glass of water!) and her characters very well drawn. A worthy read combining a favorite hero origin and a fascinating time in history.

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