Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Review: Anita Mills’ FOLLOW THE HEART – Enthralling Adventure From England to the American Wilderness, Two Brothers in Love with One Woman

April is Classics month on my blog. While I read and review classics (as well as new books) all year long, in this month I look for ones that might have shaped the genre, keepers that you'll want to read and re-read.

So, I'm beginning the month with a great romance from award-winning author Anita Mills.

I discovered Mills’ books last year and am now one of her fans. Great storytelling, meticulous research and gripping love stories characterize her novels. This is yet another. If you loved the movie Last of the Mohicans, I think you will love this book.

Set in the 18th century during the French and Indian War (1754-1763) when British America fought against New France, this is the story of Sarah Spender, whose baron father gambled away their wealth leaving Sarah in poverty.

Sarah has known the Hastings brothers, Devin, now Viscount Audley, and Adam, now Captain Adam Hastings, since they were all children. As Sarah grew into a beauty with spirit and uncommon courage, both Devin and Adam developed feelings for her. When her father died and her home is forfeited to the Hastings family for debts, Devin makes her a dishonorable offer, which she soundly rejects. Adam, unaware of his brother’s dishonorable act, offers marriage to Sarah. Having loved Adam all her life, she accepts.

As Adam readies to leave with his regiment for the war in the American wilderness, Sarah learns she is with child and so Adam’s plans to take her with him must change; she will stay behind in England—where his brother remains, a rising political figure aligned with William Pitt and increasingly attracted to Sarah.

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 Much happens in both America and England in this well-written story. Mills has done the research to put you into the sweeping historical events, using real historic figures, such as William Pitt (in this story, Devin’s superior), and John Campbell, 4th Earl of Loudoun, who in 1756 was made the commander of the British forces in America (in this story, Adam’s superior officer). Adam will join Rogers’ Rangers and lead his own group of rough men.

This time in American’s history fascinates me because it contains the seeds of what would become America’s war for independence. Mills brings it to life in a love story where two brothers love the same woman, who incidentally, is a very worthy heroine. I highly recommend it.

Map for the French and Indian War

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