Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Review: Heather Graham’s LOVE NOT A REBEL – Great Revolutionary War Romance!

July is American Patriotic month on my blog when I features romances from the time when our country was fighting to be free and fighting for its future. This is a great one to start with, a classic and a keeper from a very worth author, Heather Graham. One of my favorite authors and one of my favorite series by her.

This is the 3rd in the North American Woman trilogy, which is a part of the 6-book Cameron Saga (see list below)--and it is one you will really enjoy. I loved this trilogy and highly recommend it.

The story begins in Boston in 1773 when Lord Eric Cameron, a Virginian with estates in England and a descendent of the Camerons whose stories are told in the first two books, meets and falls in love with the beautiful and tempestuous Lady Amanda Sterling who is only 17. Lady Amanda, a loyalist, is in love with dashing Lord Robert Tarryton but he wants a title and is willing to marry a duchess he does not love to get it. While Amanda is expecting a proposal from Lord Tarryton, she learns of his betrothal to the duchess and is heartbroken.

Tarryton would take her as his mistress, which shocks her and she spurns him for it. Meanwhile, Eric has spoken to her father about marrying her and her father has given his consent. To get away from her father who is brutally cruel to her, and to flee her only other prospect, Amanda consents to wed Eric. She does not love him, but she is inexplicably drawn to the handsome, virile man. Eric is fast becoming an American patriot. A friend of George Washington and Patrick Henry, he values liberty and is willing to risk all to have it.

I love how Graham wove real history into the story with real historic figures. Amanda is forced by her father to spy on her husband and the actions of the patriots. Eric suspects this and though he has fallen in love with her, he does not trust her and feeds her false information. They are passionate in their lovemaking, each loving the other but saying nothing for fear of giving the other power. George Washington believes Amanda may be "the Highness," the spy who is hurting the rebel cause. Eric believes it, too.

Swept up in the tides of history, we discover that love still matters, treachery can come from those closest to us, and truth is hard to find. If you love American history and the Revolutionary War period, and if you love truly great historical romance, you'll love this one. Heather Graham's writing and well-described action does not disappoint. I really loved the way she showed us how the "lords" of England became the ordinary--or rather, extraordinary--men of America with no titles but with great courage and a great legacy.

The Cameron Saga:

The North American Women trilogy: Sweet Savage Eden, A Pirate's Pleasure and Love Not a Rebel
The Camerons in the Civil War trilogy: One Wore Blue, And One Wore Gray, And One Rode West


  1. I absolutely love all of Heather's historical fiction/romances but the Cameron Trilogy is my favorite. The Revolutionary War Period is one of my favorites in our history and Heather brings it to life like no other. Thank you for this, Regan! It is a great blast from my reading past and I still have all of Heather's books.

    1. Like you, Brenda, I'm a huge Heather Graham fan. Her historicals--all of them--are on my keeper shelf (which is actually 2 bookcases now).

  2. I was wondering if you wrote this book or know who did. i cant remember the name or author. it is about a half indian that goes and recues a girl and take her back to live with the white women that raised him. He goes and works for a railroad company. He comes back and helps take care of the little girl because she gets hurt and she cant walk. her leg got infected and he had to cut it back open and get all the infection out. Once she is back walking again, he went back to the railroad to work. Then he has to come back and find the girl because someone kidnapped her. once he finds her this time he marries her Indian way. He takes her back to home. he goes back to get his son from the married women at the railroad that tricked him into having a child at the railroad he was working at. She shoots him and he goes back to the Indian village till he can heal. After he is all healed he goes and gets his son that almost dies because the railroad car over turned. After he gets his son he goes back to the girl he left back at his mothers house. when he gets back there the white women who has raised him has passed away and only the girl he married is there.

    1. Leann, I left a message for you on Facebook. The short answer is no on both.