Friday, July 3, 2015

New Review: Parris Afton Bonds’ LAVENDER BLUE – Love, Spies & Privateers in Texas During the Civil War!

The heroine, Jeanette St. John, is a Civil War widow living in Texas in 1862 looking to aid the Confederacy by trading her cotton for weapons she can supply the South. But the only ship’s captain able to run the North’s blockade is a Frenchman named “Kitt, the Frenchman,” operating out of Mexico. And so she goes to see him and agrees to a strange bargain: her virtue for his successful runs of cotton for arms and ammunition.

Meanwhile Jen has a childhood friend, now grown into a handsome man and returned from years in France, one Cristobal Cavazos, who would have her think he is a gay fop when he is anything but.

When the war draws near Jen’s home in Brownsville, Jen’s sea captain father orders her to the North where he lives, but she has no intention of going. She thrives on the excitement and danger around her. So she talks Cristobal into marrying her—a marriage of convenience where they will live their separate lives. And then the Frenchman, Kitt insists she keeps the terms of their bargain.
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Of course I knew that Cristobal was Kitt, but even knowing that, I loved watching Jen stumble around doubting the virility of her husband. Cristobal was a great hero and put up with Jen’s snippy overreactions to learning of his assumed identity. The story is intriguing as both Cristobal and Jen take on the role of spy, her for the Confederacy and he for the Juaristas in Mexico.

The story reflects Bonds’ considerable research and events of the Civil War in Texas. It’s a story of second chances and love in the middle of tumultuous times and a tumultuous relationship. And there are some well-written, exciting scenes as Cristobal tries to outrun the Union troops. Very enjoyable!

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