Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Review of Kimberly Cates’ CROWN OF MIST - Captivating Irish Historical Romance

Original cover, one of my favorites
Welcome to Irish month on Historical Romance Review! I'm starting with a tale set in Ireland with a wonderful Irish heroine.

Crown of Mist is a captivating story of a love between an Irish peasant lass, Brianna Devlin, and a British lord, Creighton Wakefield, loyal to Charles II. It is set in Ireland, England and France in 1649, beginning with Cromwell’s terrible attack on Drogheda, north of Dublin at the mouth of the River Boyne, as a part of England’s attempt to subjugate Ireland.

Brianna, a fierce fighter, has lost her two older brothers in the battle. She and her younger brother are saved only because they were hidden in a well (over her objection). When the battle is over, she encounters Creigh who, having been a spy for Charles II, is trying to escape Ireland. One of Cromwell’s troops wounds him and Brianna, a healer, tends him and travels with him to the coast where he expects to join a ship. 

On the way, Creigh and Brie fall in love. Though they become lovers, they don’t expect to end up together because of their different classes, but events conspire to keep them together.

The story has a fair amount of brutal fighting and some really evil villains who do some ugly things. There’s lots of angst as Brianna suffers one misfortune after another, not to mention the fact she is viewed by all as less than moral traveling with Creigh.

It's a compelling story and Cates paints vivid word pictures of the life of an Irish girl at the time. Brianna, though her beginnings were modest, has extraordinary intelligence, skill and courage. It was easy to see why a man with a noble heart like Creigh would fall in love with her. Buy on Amazon.

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