Monday, May 23, 2016

Review: Arnette Lamb’s THREADS OF DESTINY – Post Culloden Treachery & and a Scottish Woman’s Love for an Englishman

This is the first book in Lamb’s Clan Mackenzie series. Set in 1760, initially in London and then in Scotland, it’s the story of Lady Suisan Harper who has come from her home in Scotland to steal from one Myles Cunningham the patterns for her clan’s tartans he hides in his basement.

Early on, it is made clear Myles is innocent of any thievery and it’s her uncle, Robert, who is the culprit. The possession of the tartan patterns is a crime under English law and Robert wants to frame Myles and see him hung. Suisan, dyes her red hair black to work undercover in Myles London home as a maid. Then she willingly becomes his mistress, so I guess it was a good thing he was not the culprit she initially believed him to be. But only we, the readers, know that, so she’s sleeping with the enemy.

The idea of an undercover maid, while not new, was intriguing, but I kept wondering why Myles didn’t notice his “maid” had the speech and manners of a lady, which she must have had. Her attitude was anything but subservient. And then there was Myles… sleeping with the help with no thought of making bastards or how to take care of the woman whose innocence he had knowingly taken. How heroic is that? When Suisan’s own maid tells her “it was time you became a woman”, I nearly gagged. No lady’s maid would express such a thought in the 18th century, knowing the consequences for her mistress. But, ah well…

Lamb does a good job with the historical detail and has obviously done her homework on weaving and cloth dyes of the period. Kudos to her for that.

The heroine’s character seemed to waiver between a strong, determined woman who refused to become Myles’ “whore” (her word) and then gladly saunters off to his bed, uncaring for the consequences. My, what a change, all in the space of a few days! And, once in Scotland, everything (and I do mean everything) made her think of Myles who she’d up and left in London.

But from then on it was an exciting story. For those who love Lamb’s stories, this first is a must.

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