Saturday, May 14, 2016

Review: Madeline Martin’s DECEPTION OF A HIGHLANDER – Steamy Story of Treachery and Danger in the Highlands

Set in 1604, this is the story of Mariel Brandon, who, on the death of her parents and to feed herself and her younger brother, becomes a seducer of men to learn their secrets for an evil man named Aaron. Her latest assignment (that will hopefully set her brother free) is to seduce a Scottish laird, Kieran MacDonald, and find the whereabouts of Blair and Dougal Hampton, who are under Kieran’s protection.

Mariel attaches herself to Kieran and convinces him to take her with him when he leaves London for Skye. Though she continually tries to get him into her bed, he resists for reasons that are unclear. He wasn’t meant to be laird, but at his older brother’s death, has assumed the role.

This is very definitely a steamy romance and a well written one. While there is attention paid to historical detail (which I much appreciated), and a mystery surrounds the two Mariel hunts for, the focus is clearly on the will he-won’t-he seduction of Kieran.

Once in Skye, Mariel tries to be useful, even spending a day dying clothes with blue woad die. The people are initially mistrusting of her, but she wins them over, managing to save a child from a horse. Oh, and she also speaks fluent Gaelic but does not let the people know. You have to feel sympathy for Mariel given her hard life.

Kieran’s sidekicks, Colin and Alec, are worthy of note. One a ladies man and the other a brooding Scot, they add dimension to Kieran.

All in all, if you like romances that dwell on the steamy side, this may be the one for you!

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