Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ROGUE KNIGHT on Sale for 99¢! And REBEL WARRIOR almost here!

For one week only (May 10-16), Rogue Knight is on sale on Amazon (US and UK) for 99¢! 

It’s a special for those of you who have read The Red Wolf’s Prize, book 1 in my award winning Medieval Warriors series, but have yet to pick up book 2. It’s a great way to get ready for Rebel Warrior, book 3, to be released May 17.

 You can preorder Rebel Warrior now on Amazon.

Or, if you like, pick up the series thus far! On Amazon.

What the readers say:

"WOW! WOW! WOW! The Red Wolf's Prize is an absolutely spectacular medieval read! Totally got swept off my feet! Loved it! Beware this book is definitely one for the keeper shelf!"
                                  -- Tartan Book Reviews   

 "Beautifully written, perfectly paced, action packed, with a passionate and epic love affair...what more could you ask for? 5 stars."      -- The Book Review
“Rogue Knight is yet another brilliant novel from Regan Walker. She is a master of her craft. Her novels instantly draw you in, keep you reading and leave you with a smile on your face.”   -- Good Friends, Good Books

“... flawlessly crafted…”   -- We Who Write

And from an early reviewer of Rebel Warrior:

“Ms. Walker has written another WOW, Medieval Romance. Fast paced, action packed story of betrayal, passion, destiny, fate, healing, romance and finding peace and a HEA. Walker is a talented storyteller, who pulls readers into the story and holds them transfixed. A page turning Medieval Romance!”    
                                                       My Book Addiction

An excerpt from Rebel Warrior:
As they approached the last ridge where they would begin their descent to the River Clyde, instead of the quiet she expected, men’s shouts, cries of terror and women’s screams rent the air.
Urging her pony forward, she reached the crest and slid her feet to the ground. Wide-eyed, she stared into chaos fifty feet below where two longships with dragonheads carved into their stems were belching forth silver-helmed warriors wielding axes, swords and spears.
The longhaired raiders shouted what sounded like battle cries as they ran across the sand toward her father’s hillfort, ruthlessly cutting down her father’s men as if butchering cattle.
Men moaned as they fell, pierced through with spears and swords, grunting their last as blood spurted from their bellies.
Unarmed servants shrieked as axes sank into their backs.
Panicked women ran in all directions, shouting for their children.
Catrìona’s heart raced and her mouth gaped as she watched the unfolding terror. She gripped the seax at her waist. “A Dhia m'anam!” God preserve us! “I must go to them!”
Angus pulled her back from the crest. “Keep away from the edge lest they see ye. The bushes provide scant cover.” Grabbing up the reins of the horses, he led them away from the ridge.
“But—” She looked toward the crest, unable to see but desperate to know if her father’s men prevailed. “I want to help…”
“Ye can do nothing fer them, milady,” Angus said in a low voice as he returned to her. “Stay down. We can only await the end of it.”
Fear of the brutal Northmen warred with the desire to help those she loved. Rising panic nearly overtook her as she remembered what she had heard of Norse raids. But what help could she offer? In the face of so many bloodthirsty warriors, she would only become another victim. Angus, sworn to protect her, might die trying to prevent her death.
With the sounds of the mayhem ringing loud in her ears, Catrìona dropped to the ground and crawled on her belly to the edge of the rise, pulling her hood over her flame-colored hair to blend with the shrubs.
Angus came to join her, lying on his stomach in the grass. “Are ye certain ye want to see this?”

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