Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: Elizabeth Cole’s HONOR & ROSES – Worthy 12th Century Medieval Romance

Set in England, beginning in 1136, during the reign of King Stephen, this is the story of Cecily de Vere, heiress of Cleobury and Sir Alric of Hawksmere. They were friends as children and now they are more as their affection and respect for each other grows. Cecily is a caring woman who ministers to the poor and sick with her herbs and potions. Alric is a brave knight and a leader of men. Though he cares for Cecily, he knows such a fine lady can never be the wife of a mere knight.

Alric understands Cecily will be wed to a high-ranking lord, but he is dismayed when he learns he is the one who must escort her to her betrothed. But when she escapes the fate her guardian has in mind, Alric is there to help her.

The story is well written and kept me turning pages. It was also quite believable in terms of plot and the intriguing references to the attempts to dethrone King Stephen. Pierce of Malvern, the one to whom Cecily is betrothed and quite a villain when it comes to being a suitor, was intriguing.
There are some exciting scenes toward the end. What I liked most about this story was the genuine feel of it (despite a few anomalies for a knight’s behavior and a few modern words). And, of course, the history. I recommend it.

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Honor & Roses is the first in the Swordcross Knights series. The set up for the three knights and their stories is in the beginning with Sir Rafe, Sir Luc and Sir Alric all swearing to be “brothers” to each other. Book 2 is Choose the Sky, Luc’s story.

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