Thursday, October 27, 2016

Review: Mary Reed McCall’s THE TEMPLAR’S SEDUCTION – Disgraced Templar Finds Love

Set in 1309 in Scotland, this is the story of Lady Elizabeth of Selkirk, who holds Dunleavy Castle for her husband, Robert Kincaid, Lord Marston. At first, she hears he is dead but then she receives word he is alive. It’s been years since he was with her and when Robert returns, he is not the same man. Little does she know the man who claims to be her long-lost husband is actually an imposter, a disgraced Templar knight who agreed to the ruse to save his life and that of his friend. It just so happens that Sir Alexander de Ashby looks like her husband.

Alex thinks to seduce Lady Elizabeth (“Beth”) so she won’t notice (or care) about the differences between him and her dead husband. The book is well titled as much of the story is consumed with the seduction and their many lovemaking sessions. (I might have preferred a bit more action and some history.) As may be expected, Beth is not happy when she learns he is not the man she thought he was. At least until she decides she doesn’t care enough not to seek out his lovemaking.

The story is well written, had a “medieval feel” and the characters were developed. The author obviously did much research though she did deviate from the way Templars behaved (and she noted it after the story ended.) I ended up skimming over the long love scenes that followed one after the other. And sometimes the heroine appeared strong and at other times, weak. Alex was supposed to be ignoble, a disgraced Templar who stole from his fellow knights, however, all he did seemed to be honorable. Even the ruse was mostly done to save a friend.

Lastly, since the end and the Epilogue deal with other couples, I recommend reading this series in order. (I did not realize it was book 3 in the series when I began the story...)
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