Monday, October 10, 2016

Review: Sarah Hegger’s THE BRIDE GIFT – An Unwanted Marriage Turns to Love

Set in England in 1153, this is the story of Helena of Lystanwold, whose uncle has fallen out with King Stephen and fled England, leaving his castle and his niece to Guy of Helston. We are led to believe Helena’s uncle somehow managed to marry her to Guy before Guy arrives. Helena (“called “Nell”) is not happy as she already had a man picked out, one she can manipulate, whereas Guy, a warrior, is the “Scourge of Farringdon”.

Guy goes about his new duties with few words for his reluctant bride. Helena decides to take her husband in hand by seducing him to get him to kill the man responsible for her sister’s death. Guy readily agrees to both (he was intending to kill the guy anyway) and becomes the consummate lover.

A cleverly told story, which at times seemed very medieval (with some unusual phrasing I assume was meant to convey the era), but in places sounded quite modern. The story did hold my interest and kept me reading as Helena comes to see that the man she chose is really a pathetic figure and the man who waits in the shadows to take her is a true villain and not her friend.

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