Saturday, December 3, 2016

Review: Paula Quinn’s A HIGHLANDER’S CHRISTMAS KISS – Celebrate Christmas in the Highlands with a Worthy Hero!

The story begins as Christmas draws near in 1711 in Linavar, Scotland. As Temperance Menzie prepares for Christmas Day with her family, their celebrations are suddenly cut short when the gang of Black Riders storm into their land and falsely accuse her father of shooting an arrow through into one of their men. Temperance’s father is innocent, but Cailean Grant, who now rides with the Black Riders as a warrior for hire, doesn’t know that. And so he allows one of the Black Riders to kill him.

After the killing, Cailean begins to get a conscious and, having witnessed Temperance’s grief, comes looking for her. They exchange a few words and later, she finds him in the woods, unconscious and stabbed in the back. She has no idea the wounded man she nurses back to life was one of the Black Riders who killed her father.

Cailean’s guilt grows as Christmas draws near and his identity is revealed. As well, Cailean has an enemy among the Black Riders and must him and his own demons. Meanwhile the man Cailean hates wants Temperance for his bride. It’s a muddle for a while until Cailean begins to set things straight.

A well-told story that will warm your heart on a cold winter’s night, it tells of scars from the past and second chances, of marrying for love and not for duty.

A great Christmas read!

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