Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lily Baldwin’s ROSE – Shipwreck Leads to Love Between an English Captain and a Scot

This is the latest installment in the author’s “Scottish Outlaws” series. Set in Scotland in 1303, beginning in the Hebrides, this is the story of Rose MacVie, tragically widowed when the English massacred her husband and daughters. At 30, she wants a new life but despairs she will have one living with her brothers on the remote island. When her youngest brother offers her the position of quartermaster on his ship, she jumps at the chance, but alas, she never gets there.

Tristan Thatcher, an English merchant captain, has been betrothed by his father to a woman he does not like but one who will bring a title to the family. Tristan wants out and is persuaded by his quartermaster to pretend to have already wed before the betrothal message arrived, thus defeating his father’s plans. When Rose washes up next to their ship, floating on the wreckage of a small boat, he thinks she is just the one to save him.

Rose and Tristan launch their plan to pretend to be wed and then fall in love as they sail to France and England, his home. It’s an entertaining read with a hero who, as far as I could tell, is a flawless gentleman, accepting Rose’s past and her outlaw brothers without question. Rose is an adventurous type and a gifted healer.

Though it is part of a series and there are references to the other stories, it can easily be enjoyed as a stand alone.

The Scottish Outlaws series:

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